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 |  September 20, 2010


A few weeks ago, iHipHop ran a post on the new DJ AM and Travis Barker unexpectedly mixtape, entitled Fix Your Face for fans and haters alike to jam to. There was virtually no press for the release until after it already came out, but it’s definitely worth the hype it’s recieving.

The tape is basically a medley of clever blends by AM and an uncanny showcase of Travis’s drum skills. By delving into different genres, sound effects and dozens of artists, AM keeps his DJ set creative and unprecedented – all while Travis improvises on the drums to go along with every track.

What’s so amazing is that Travis dives into every new track as if he expects it minutes before it comes, and adds so much to every song – you’d think the original artists would be coming to him for remixes on the regular.

Travis and AM have been doing shows together for a while in LA, and recently got some more hype after playing the role of house band during the MTV VMA’s – and performing alongside Katy Perry and Kid Cudi.

If you don’t yet have this mixtape, make sure to get it immediately here.


In 2006, rapper The Game released his second LP – The Doctor’s Advocate. Two years, one four-month trip to prison and countless struggles with estranged supporters Dr. Dre and 50 Cent later, The Game has dropped LAX. Hopping on the ubiquitous popular rapper manifesto, Game said this album would be his last, because he supposedly has nothing left to prove.

However, the album – a 19-track feature-heavy compilation – is definitely not a high note for Game to leave off on.

The album starts with a prayer from rap’s new preacher DMX, and just as quickly as you can press next, Game brings you the somber and boring “LAX Files.” A few skippable tracks later, Lil’ Wayne lends a T-Wayne singing feature to his West Coast cohort on “My Life.”

Ultimately, this album is marred by poor production and boring lyricism by Game, save for a few tracks like “Dope Boys,” “Cali Sunshine” and “Angel.” On “Angel,” Game scores Kanye production and a Common feature for a cliché yet catchy ode to their leading lady – hip-hop.

In previous albums, listeners looked forward to an entire album of hearing The Game’s witty lyricism and knocking production picks – no matter how vulgar or hard it got – because they knew what to expect. But on LAX, The Game enlists so many features (there are only three solo songs!) that any message he was trying to get across gets far too diluted and commercialized.

If this truly is his last album – he better not expect to be mentioned in the same breath as Pac, Biggie and Jay-Z…or even Wheezy baby.

Kanye Closes the VMA’s!

 |  September 8, 2008

If you didn’t catch the MTV VMA’s last night – there were a few highlights you should catch on the rerun. Wayne performed with T-Pain, Travis Barker & DJ AM were the house band, Britney Spears won three awards, and Kanye absolutely shut the house down with his new single, “Love Lockdown.” Supposedly the new track is off his new album, set to drop by December. He had an enormous stage backdrop and had what seemed like a 30-piece drumline – clearly inspired by China’s Opening Ceremony for the Olympics.


Download “Love Lockdown” below and let us know what you think of Kanye’s new direction.

Kanye West – “Love Lockdown (Live)” 

If you haven’t heard, drummer Travis Barker and the worldly renowned DJ AM have been collaborating quite a bit lately. They even perform live weekly out in LA, and if you haven’t seen videos, check them out here and here. Travis Barker has also been getting into a lot more hip-hop as of late and recently worked with Wale and The Game. So, it would make sense that a burgeoning producer like Trav and a superstar hip-hop DJ would make a great collaboration – and they really do. They just dropped a mixtape, entitled Fix Your Face, which dropped today. Download it below and let us know what you think, and if Trav should stick to rock.


Travis Barker/DJ AM – Fix Your Face Mixtape

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