We all know Usher is an R&B crooner who has at one point or another been background music for some evening festivities of the sexual sort. His songs cater to a specific audience, and it’s pretty obvious his fanbase is mostly women. Usher’s newest tour is entitled “One Night Stand” and said in a recent interview that it will be strictly for women. No men allowed!

In an interview with MTV, he said: “There’s only a few artists that can pull that off. I feel like I’ve had such a connection with my audience. This album, I felt like, was definitely the type of one that was more intimate. So what better way to get up close and personal than to make it all women?”


Usher is definitely for the ladies, but whether or not this will actually work is yet to be seen. Either way, I’m not sure more than 2 men would actually want to go to one of these shows alone anyway. There is set to be 15 shows in total.


 |  August 7, 2008

ushermommaLooks like Usher realized that when its not broke, don’t try and fix it as he disbanded his team and brought back Momma to pull at the strings again. With sales for Here I am that nowhere near reflect the numbers Confessions did Usher has taken Jonetta Patton back on to handle management affairs for him once again. However the way the music sales are dwindling anyway, this is hardly surprising plus he had to deal with the premature leak of the album too.

Usher also parted ways with his PR company W&W who handles artists such as Alicia Keys and Jermaine Dupri. The insinuated reason as to why Usher replaced his Mother in the first place was so she could be more of a Mom and a Grandmother to the singers first grandchild with wife Tameka Foster. Funny how money always changes things isn’t it?

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