|  September 10, 2008

Hmmm looks like Vibe is getting into a little more hot water this week. Last week it was Robin Thicke dissing the publication and now the Princess of Crunk Ciara is taking them to the cleaners for the so called ‘naked’ shoot she did for the recent edition. Turns out that the shots of a naked Ciara were actually photoshopped and she reportedly didn’t pose void of clothes AT ALL.

Well then, this wouldnt be the first time the magazine has been in trouble for pictures, remember that whole scandal with the Mary J Blige cover back in 2006? Although photoshopping someone so they appear naked is a little extreme isn’t it? nakedfull cover


 |  September 3, 2008

OK so Robin Thicke talked last week about his inability to secure a Vibe cover becasue he is a white dude and yet here is Ciara being crowned the magazines sexiest singer. I mean is she? I know she is cute, but is she considered sexy? I guess 50 thinks so right, maybe they got a two for one deal as he was on the cover the other month with Bobby de Niro..readers who would you say deserved that crown? Ciara? Alicia? KCi Cicici2eyshia? Mairah?


 |  August 29, 2008



Possibly one of the best soul, R&B acts we have seen emerge in the new millennium Robin Thicke has ousted Vibe in a recent interview for not putting him on the cover because he is white. The Lost Without You singer who is a personal fave of Jimmy Iovine, Andre Harrell, Pharrell Williams and married to Paula Patton (Deja Vu and Idelwide) put the glossy on blast in a recent interview with Billboard and rightly so.

Their response to Thicke asking if a cover story was a possibility was this  ‘Why can’t I get the cover? This is a magazine I love. If there’s one magazine that I’d want to be on the cover of, it’s Vibe,’ “Thicke said. “Their response was they don’t have white artists on the cover; that the only white artist they’ve had on the cover was Eminem.”

Funny that as I can think of Justin Timberlake on the cover of Vibe, I remember No Doubt front lady Gwen Stefani on the front cover and going through my old collections of the YEAR…wasn’t Robert DeNiro on there too. Come on good people at Vibe you need to sort your lies out if you gonna lie, becasue remarks like that are going to be put on blast.

Robin Thickes Something Else project hits shelves on September 9th.


 |  August 14, 2008

Is it any wonder this guy has no intention of retiring when he gets all this attention? Here on the cover of Vibe’s 15th Anniversary edition is the one and only Jay Z,  inside he discusses politics, marriage and the new album …yawn yawn. editjigga

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