Here’s purified Chris Brown, dressed in all white, bringing along Usher to enhance his heartbreak-to-make-up tropes. Calming video with all the Boyz II Men “Water Runs Dry” allusions while playing up new romance. Although it couldn’t come from two less believable Romeos. Add Ross to the mix for some undeniable sleaze. Check the video after the jump.
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Here’s Drake going for the Best Curator Award again. He has the real skill of adapting others’ styles and does no different with Ontario singer PARTYNEXTDOOR, lacing him with the co-sign to preview this club-friendly electric syrup sound. It’s all the rage in this slowed-down bouncy era. The OVO influence is strong in this one. Check the video after the jump.
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Video: Yo Gotti – “Errrbody”

 |  August 13, 2014

Yo Gotti asks an important question: if everybody’s doing it, what makes it special? This is probably his most meta track, calling into question most of hip hop’s modern existence by comparing it to itself. Strangely, he uses suburban white kids copying urban style to make the point. Ominous much? Check the video after the jump.
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This reminds us strongly of Nicki Minaj’s “Massive Attack” video with the desert surrounding and vague chase scenes. Azealia Banks does these things intentionally, placing herself in the hip-hop realm while rhyming at a crazy high-hat pace more fit for EDM. It’s for the b-girls and the biker gangs. Check the video after the jump.
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