By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      For those of you patiently waiting for Talib Kweli’s new album Ear Drum, the rapper has given you a New Year’s gift to hold you over until it drops later this year. In collaboration with Stones Throw Records and Talib’s Blacksmith Records, Madlib and Kweli connected to create Liberation, a 9-song album available for free through Stones Throw Records’ website

      “This project was inspired by [Madlib’s] consistency, it was something I wanted to be a part of,” Talib said on his blog. “In this era of over produced and over marketed product, Madlib leads the pack of independent artists who could care less about all of that. I am a part of the music industry, and lord knows I’m needed, but for our own sanity we must step outside the system and create that which is not packaged for mass consumption.

      This is also a gift to the fans who stick by me whether some corporation is currently promoting me or not. Now, I love all music, and my albums so far, including Eardrum, reflect those influences. This album is a straight ahead, sample driven hip-hop record, from two of the best doing it. Some fans will say this is the sound they want to hear from me all the time. If so, congratulations, you got your wish. However, do not use this to speculate what eardrum will sound like. It is a different project with different influences. I will continue to push the envelope creatively in the spirit of my ancestors.”

      The album was entirely produced by Madlib and features appearances from Consequence, Strong Arm Steady and Candice Anderson.




Here’s the tracklist from the album:


01 The Show
02 Funny Money
03 Time Is Right
04 Engine Runnin’ [ft. Consequence]
05 Over the Counter
06 The Function [ft. Strong Arm Steady]
07 Happy Home [ft. Candice Anderson]
08 Soul Music
09 What Can I Do