Tamia: Sheer Independence

 |  November 20, 2006
      Four time Grammy winner, R&B songstress Tamia is back with her fourth album (first on her newly Independent Label, Plus 1 Music Group) “Between Friends”. Tamia’s first single ‘Can’t Get Enough’ written and produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins is a sure fire hit that is currently rising up the charts. During my walk through Time Square with the beautiful and extremely hilarious R&B star, we talked about her new album, her new found independence & I got her take on being a recognizable star compared to not being noticed at all.
      “I co-wrote the entire album,” says the homebred Canadian. “I love working as a part of the team. Shep (Crawford) and I just clicked. I had that same energy working with Rodney. That chemistry was one of the main reasons why I titled the album ‘Between Friends.’ It wasn’t about ‘You call your lawyer and I’ll call mine.’ I’ve built a great relationship with both Shep and Rodney. Rodney and I wanted to work together for a long time. So when the opportunity finally arose after he found out that I was working on my fourth album, he gave me a call and said that he had to be a part of it. I asked him what he was doing that weekend, and from there I was on a flight to Atlantic City. Without building these friendships, it would have been a harder road for me as an entrepreneur. Running my own label (Plus One Music Group) is hard work, but its well worth it. I am completely hands on with every decision that is made and every dollar that is spent. One of the many lessons that Quincy (Jones) taught me was to own everything that I put my name on. He made sure that from the very start of my career that I owned my Publishing. I honestly believe that now is the time that more artists take back their rights in this industry.”
      For those who are familiar with the busy streets and sidewalks of Time Square, NYC, you know that traffic both on the road and on foot can get pretty congested. Yet during Tamia’s press day where we had the option of being chauffeured back to the Westin Hotel, she had no problem making the two block walk. “I don’t need validation of who I am when I’m walking through public,” says the pint-sized siren as we walk down 42nd Street towards 8th Avenue. “It doesn’t bother me at all if people don’t recognize me, immediately. I’d much rather be able to go to the grocery store without being mobbed. I know that there are people out there who thrive on receiving attention. I just prefer walking down the street with everybody else.”
      Tamia stated that she’d like to work with John Legend in the near future, and that she’s happy to hear that her ‘So Into You’ co-star, Fabolous is recovering quickly from his gunshot wound. The new video for “Can’t Get Enough” is playing on all of the major video outlets and her new album “Between Friends” is in stores now.