Thank God For Lil Scrappy’s Mom!

 |  April 26, 2011

Lil Scrappy’s mom just KEEPING IT REAL!  Not mad at this.  Literally I’m going to send this story to my mother, and let her know that this is how you get your sons back.  Did Mama D see those photos of Soulja Boy canoodling with Diamond?  Ohh yes she did, and needless to say she does not approve.  But it’s all good because Diamond is fake and her son is the prince of the south and he is in Miami with a beautiful woman.  That’s how you take care of business.  Mama D needs to get in the pr game.  #TeamMamaD

Mama D goes in on Diamond

Lil’ Scrappy’s Mom Calls Diamond A “Low Down Dirty B*tch” by iamgwoods

Then Scrappy calls in too, but I kind of didn’t even care what he had to say at this point. Mama D just kept it official tissue.

Scrapp speaks by iamgwoods