Thank you Thank you Thank you

 |  November 9, 2006

   By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Ok so the Doctors Advocate CD finally dropped into my mail box yesterday. Couple of surprises, the cover features a cute pic of his son as opposed to The Game himself., but you gotta love these men in Hip-Hop repping for their kids so he gets props from me for that. And he gets extra points for shouting out his baby’s moms Aleska "for being the best mother"…that isn’t something we see much of as baby momma drama is more talked about than how  the gals hold it down for the kids when Daddy is out on the road or in the studio.
      Game then gives a shout out to "the whole D Block, the whole Terror Squad and Fat Joe" hmmm I mean we heard him discuss he relationships with his former G-Unit enemies during his serious press run so maybe that was to be expected. BUT what stood out to me was the fact that Games once mentor Dr. Dre only gets a brief mention. There is no extensive dedication to Dre in the liner notes of The Doctors Advocate which is pretty surprising when 75% of his album is spent lyrically adoring and validating his relationship with the mighty Doctor of the Math.