|  March 13, 2009


Here is Free looking way more like her old self than the last shot we showed of her CLICK HERE. The former BET host stopped by 106 and Park yesterday to check up on how Rocsi and Terrance J were getting on. Hate to say it but her and AJ were the best to ever sit on those couches and it is a damn shame they were replaced.
Anyhow Free was actually in the house to give her take on abuse. I guess everyone feels their opinion is needed on this whole Rihanna/Chris Brown saga, Diddy was on Ellen putting her right the other day about how he let the couple use his Miami mansion to make up. Nothing better to talk about I guess.


  • missteeq

    Yeah, She (free) is indeed the best BET host I know. I was wonderin why they replaced her. I just love her.

  • bbutton

    waddup with free? she is looking mighty old.