The 10 Most Hated Players In The NFL

 |  November 10, 2011
The Nielsen and E-Pro Market Research group recently took a poll of the ten most hated players in the NFL. In order to qualify, each player needs to be active and have a 10% public awareness level. Check out the most scientific hating pro sports has ever seen. For the record I don know how soon-to-be-dopest-WR in football Plax is on this list, f*ckin haters. J-E-T-S! . 1. Michael Vick, 60% Dislike Rating 02xk7difsabci_2008 Not much explanation needed, people love dogs. Vick killed dogs, therefore people hate Vick.
2. Plaxico Burress, 56% Dislike Rating 0dojbxofthfjs_2008 This one doesn't make sense to me, he's dope and committed a victimless crime! We got murderers and rapists in the NFL yet Plax sees a cell for a couple years on some bullsh*t gun possession charge and lands the number 2 spot, smh.
3. Ben Roethlisberger, 49% Dislike Rating benroethlisberger2011afcchampionshipnewbnofes39p2pl Dope QB, bad at staying out of trouble. Big Ben has had multiple instances of gettin too rowdy at the club, which has turned into sexual assault charges, that's not the way to be loved by the people, Ben, especially when you gotta sit 4 games for it.
4. Albert Haynesworth, 49% Dislike Rating albert-haynesworth Haynesworth went from the premier defensive player in the league with the biggest contract, to sucking, being out of shape and inevitably not even playing, millions and millions of dollars later.
5. Jay Cutler, 38% Dislike Rating jaycutler_090406_576 Cutler's ups and downs torture Chi-town fans, so there's no wonder he landed on the list. Also he looks like a little b*tch which can't help is approval rating either, sorry Jay.
6. Chad Ochocinco, 35% Dislike Rating image_xlimage_2010_07_r5014_ocho_cinco_tweet_fest_071210 Chad Johnson was a top WR, Ochocinco is garbage even with Brady throwing to him. After numerous sell-out commercials and reality shows, the man with the 2nd dumbest name in sports (Metta World Peace has gotta be #1) lands on the list of the most disliked players.
7. Vince Young, 32% Dislike Rating vince-young-male-stripper This pic definitely hurt his approval rating on its own. Add in the fact that he was supposed to be the new Vick and can't even keep a starting job. Vince fell off quick, and landed on this list for it.
8. Carson Palmer, 31% Dislike Rating carson-palmer-trade-oakland-raiders-2011 When you tell a franchise I rather retire than play for you, you're gona piss people off. Now that he's in Oakland he'll have a chance to clean up his rep, but he needs to win if he ever wants to lower that dislike rating.
9. Tony Romo, 29% Dislike Rating tony-romo To Tony's credit he plays QB for one of the most demanding fan bases in sports, the Dallas Cowboys. Maybe if he wasn't messin around with pop stars and losing it in the clutch he could finally win, and get off the list.

The 10 Most Disliked Players in The NFL

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