The 5 Best Quotables From Drake’s Nothing Was The Same

Written by DrewBreez

Saturday, September 21st, 2013 at 3:36 pm
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5. When the last time you did something for the first time?
 Song: Own It

drake wants you to know that he’s the KING of original experiences. when’s the last time you tatted aaliyah’s face on your back, hm? or went on a Young Money field trip to the petting zoo…where you saw Birdman touch his first flamingo and weep enough to wash away every inked tear on his chunky cheek? or texted your first grade teacher mrs. hoffman to tell her how much you were motivated by getting a “Needs Improvement” in arithmetic back in ’92.
‘i bet i cud count DEEZ CHECKS, mrs. hoffman. ur life needs improvement #yolo’ The Best To Ever Do It typed from a twelve-story balcony on Biscayne.


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  • XinCity

    #4 is the wack. Talking to your self is a bad thing no matter who does it!

  • pusha

    Agreed! Too much self love there, it’s like seeing your own porn and having a b0n3r watching yourself.

  • Shame

    You know, gotta love Drake for all this sh*t. teehee.

  • Wight

    Normally? I wouldn’t bash the music. But WTF is that Wu Tang Forever sh8t?

  • Virus

    I know what you mean! He may say it’s a tribute, but it’s an insult.

  • replenish

    This album: Nothing Was NOT Lame

  • Wronguns

    I guess Wu Tang Forever reminds me of Power Trip, J Cole.

  • toughlove

    I really really can’t forgive Drake for bastardizing Wu Tang Clan here.

  • Belong

    Am surprised you didn’t include the homoerotic line “Always rolling with my mothafuckin’ boys”

  • gander

    Who even listens to Drake anymore?

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