The Underachievers — “Melody Of The Free”

In one of rap’s overlooked storylines from this past summer, Brooklyn duo The Underachievers hooked up with Lex for their newest project, The Lords Of Flatbush. Lex handles the production on six of the eight tracks, with “Melody Of The Free,” standing alone as the tape’s real crown jewel.

Channeling No I.D., Luger blends a smooth jazz sample with choir samples and mellow West Coast synths for a sky-clearing moment of pacifist brilliance. Heaven’s gate-opening up music.

  • Dmitri

    Agreed! He’s not back cause he never left!

  • renegade

    Was kinda disappointed with Luger’s work in Melody of the Free. I felt that it was a rip-off!

  • JeamBeam

    Lex Luger should produce more of these shidd!

  • pimp

    Having Luger on the beats is almost a guarantee of a hit.

  • starfish

    I didn’t know Luger did that for Spitta, but yeah, dig those bass!

  • Wronguns

    I still can’t get that “u a scare cat, imma scare cat” line out of my head!

  • sanchez

    Best thing to happen to rap in a very long time!

  • herbal

    Luger just flies with it, you know? Great synths.

  • Lally

    Gucci Mane is probably the only one that I would agree to on this list. Loved what Luger did to that!

  • Dragon

    I agree that is one bad ass song!