The Audi R8 Goes Electric

 |  September 14, 2011

The Audi R8 turned heads since it dropped in ’07 and the 5.2 version with the V10 engine gave it the power it deserved. Now the German auto manufacturer is hopping on the green bandwagon with its prize jewel. The R8 e-tron prototype, shown here at the Frankfurt Auto Show, goes 0-60 in under five seconds and tops out at 150 MPH. The carbon fiber highlights on the gills and the side mirrors give it a slightly different look but, as you can see, the body thankfully doesn’t deviate much from the original design. The e-tron’s specs are obviously a far cry from its gas powered big brothers. Nevertheless, Autoblog hints its production release isn’t far off. Moreover, expect this whip to serve as a standout in the electric luxury sports cars race.

Spotted at Autoblog
Pictures from Drew Philips







  • Audi R8

    The R8 coupe edition had been launched a
    year ago, and it became famous in a quick time; the open top version of R8
    looks more captivating than the closed version.