The Blame Game

 |  December 8, 2006

By: Hot Gossip Gal
Def Jam is housing a lot of disgruntled employees right now, some that dont have any reason to be mad. Nas was quick to defend his El Presidente after hearing LL Cool J diss Jay about the way in which he was running the company. "He’s too old of an O.G. to be mad at Jay.
He’s been at Def Jam since we were kids dreaming about being on Def Jam," Nas said about the G.O.A.T. The talks of LL going to G Unit however have me wondering just what the topic of conversation will be in the studio between he and head honcho 50 Cent, who has the better abs? Who had the best shirtless pose on a magazine cover? Or where will their next tattoo be?

  • plato

    fuck LL its not cool to be a male version bitch

  • jmillz

    ll cool gay is simply a stupid muscle head that cant rap….go def jam

  • pachino papes

    ll is out of his mind what you thought you should be running defjam,you a fucking disgrace to hip hop nowadays ,niggas will do anything for fame.real niggas dont botox
    not even as a last resort ..what u think my generation is going to feel you cause you look like a high school kid lmao..(what happened to thefacialhair)