The Boss Meets Dan Marino…

 |  August 23, 2011

Damn this viral video is kind of sweet except Diddy got it Rick’s ear and now it’s kind of one big Ciroc ad.  Inevitably people just have to get to the money I guess.  The Boss hits Dolphin stadium, meets Dan Marino, and drinks with some pretty b*tches.

Sidebar: I have never drank Ciroc mainly because I don’t drink white and also because I will not let Diddy’s marketing schemes win!



  • Lrrygrrtt

    That is a ignorant sidebar. Why can't you support the brother? What you do drink you buying into somebody. You work on a hiphop blog site and that man put in a lot of work in hiphop. So its ok for you to make something off him but you can't support what he do? If your child or yourself became as successful as him you would be proud and happy.

  • beazy954

    your lame u want ppl to come on this dame website respect diddy ciroc is lik the best liqur on the market duck buddy slap urself!