This is a section I’m gonna start on this site that I’ll do about once or twice a week (as long as there is some good street shit to post). I’m on this site to cover the underground (real underground) side of things so lets get it in: 

This Prodigy song is another joint of “Product Of The 80’s” which dropped today. I copped it and it is very solid top to bottom just banging grimey production from the likes of Sid Roams, Sebb, & Jake One

This song “Cold Wold” is by a group from the Bronx called Boss Money (formally Money Boss Gangsters). They came up with Sadat X and super producer Minnesota and are the epitome of Bronx street rap. This song is my joint. It’s off an album that just dropped by The P Brothers called “The Gas”. If you like this song or the Milano song below then copp the P Brothers album because the whole thing is on par with these joints.

As stated above this Milano joint “In A Zone” is off the P Brothers album as well. Milano is from Harlem and will wrap circles around your favorite rapper. He’s affiliated with DITC and used to do joints with Big L and Big Pun. Get at me if you want to hear more of Milano

Freddie Foxxx is probably the hardest (no homo) rapper in the game. That’s nuff said. I’ve seen him live a few times and you DO NOT want to fuck with him. This song is produced by the Legendary DJ Premier and supposedly was supposed to be off his upcoming album “Amerikkkan Black Man”. Peep the songs below and if you like em click the Download link. Enjoy. 


“Catch Body Music”– Prodigy

To Preview The Track Click Here

“Cold World”– Boss Money

To Preview The Track Click Here

“In A Zone”– Milano

To Preview The Track Click Here

“Freddie Blassey”– Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles

To Preview The Track Click Here

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