The Courts Tell Game To Pay Up!

 |  February 22, 2012

Game’s pockets just got a little emptier. The courts put the ruling down that Game has to cough up $5 Million dollars in compensatory damages to five Greensboro, NC police officers for an incident that took place in 2005.

As the story goes, Game was supposed to perform a set at the Four Seasons Mall. Things got out of hand and Game was arrested on site for disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing, and communicating threats. All while this was going on, Game’s camp captured footage of the whole thing.

The footage was later released in 2006 on Game’s DVD Stop Snitchin’, Stop Lyin’. The five officers who were shown in the video said it was “heavily edited” to make it appear as if Game was wrongfully arrested. Their argument was that they were wrongfully portrayed and the courts just recently awarded each officer $1 Million for compensatory damages.

The bad news doesn’t end there. The officers are also asking for an additional $10 Million in punitive damages and that case will require a new trial to be conducted.

For Game’s sake, I hope he’s not the typical rapper who’s just splurging their money on cars and cribs. These cops ain’t playing, so hopefully he has stacks in the bank. I”m sure we’ll hear more on this in the future.