The Daily Dose

 |  June 25, 2008

Jim Jones


What’s good? As you can see the site got a little bit of a facelift today. We’re just on our hustle trying to get that google money, so be sure to spread the word about ihiphop. We have all sorts of new applications that you most definitely have to check out. But let’s get into this music shit that we’re all here for.


First off we got The Game featuring Travis Barker on the drums with “Dope Boys”. This is a track of Game’s upcoming album LAX, which has been pushed back once again to an August release. I’ve been reading good reviews of the album so far, so I’m getting excited for the release, because I’m most definitely a Game fan. This track goes hard, and has just enough of that west coast vibe to make it official. You should listen to it already.


Then we got the king of swagger himself Jim Jones featuring Stack Bundles and Mel Matrix on “Only 17”. This is a track off of the Byrdgang M.O.B. album that is dropping July 1st, so be sure to cop that. This song just has that typical Jim Jones delivery, that is fire in my opinion. There is no way to describe this shit beside, that uptown Harlem crack music. Jim isn’t even a very good rapper, but he just has such an energy and movement behind him that his actions cannot be ignored. Definitely give it a listen.


Up next we got Three 6 Mafia ft Project Pat with “Built Like Dat”. I have been talking some shit about Three 6 recently, and pretty much accused them of selling out. While I still stand by that statement, this is a track that gives me some hope for the Mafia. It was those hardcore non-seneschal jams like “Tear Da Club Up”, “Tongue Ring”, and “Weak Ass Bitch” that got me into Three 6, and this track is more up that alley. Just that hardcore and un-apologetic North Memphis gangster music.


Finally some quick stuff on the last three tracks. We got Tanya Morgan which is a group of three emcees out of Brooklyn who are doing there thing independently, and they got a sick track with “Hip Hop Is Dead II”. The beat is just nuts. Termanology pretty much sums up everything that is whack in the game on “Talking To God”. I agree with most of everything the dude spits. Term is out of Lawrence, MA and is singed over at Nature Sounds. He is a great lyricist, and you should get familiar. The last track is G-Unit joint with “Ready Or Not”. It’s always good to see that Tony Yayo took a break from smacking 14 year olds in the face and recorded some music. I haven’t really cared about G-unit since 2005, but apparently some people still care. Twenty bucks says that if you care about G-Unit you are below the age of 16.


As always be sure to check out the audio section for the rest of the songs that came out today. I’m now accepting music from anyone that wants to send it in. Put the name of the song and artist(s) in the title of the email and any additional info in the body of the email. Just send one or maybe two tracks. It needs to be in an mp3 format and please only send me good stuff. You can send it to Looking forward to hearing what you got.



“Dope Boys”- The Game ft Travis Barker

To Preview Track Click Here


“Only 17”- Jim Jones ft Stack Bundles & Mel Matrix

To Preview Track Click Here


“Built Like Dat”- Three 6 Mafia

To Preview Track Click Here


“Hip Hop Is Dead II”- Tanya Morgan

To Preview Track Click Here


“Talking To God”- Termanology

To Preview Track Click Here


“Ready Or Not”- G-Unit

To Preview Track Click Here