The Daily Dose

 |  June 26, 2008

Rick Ross

What’s poppin people? Today is pretty heavy on the southern stuff, which is fine by me so let’s get into it. First off we got one of the best rappers no one seems to talk about with Skillz on “Sick”. This is off his album Million Dollar Backpack that is dropping July 22nd on Koch Records, and you should definitely cop that. I still remember the first time I heard Skillz. I was just sitting in my basement smoking weed, drinking, and watching VH1 Soul at like 3 in the morning with my friends (I know I’m weird) when his video for “Take It Back” came on. Click here if you wanna watch a really shitty version of it. It’s was just this crazy Morris Day type joint, and I’ve pretty much been a fan ever since. Skillz is also pretty well known for his annual freestyle where he sums up the whole year in the hip hop scene. This track “Sick” is kind of like that since he uses a lot of history of hip hop within the song. This shit’s hot and you need to get familiar with Skillz if you aren’t already.

Up next we got something from Rick Ross on “Cry”. I’m a pretty casual Rick Ross fan. His music is average as far as I’m concerned, but he does things like rock a huge chain of his own face which makes me think he’s awesome. Honestly who does that? This track is just a more hardcore Mixtape track with some cool samples on it. It’s pretty much what you would expect from Mr. M.I. Yayo.

Then we got David Banner ft Lil Wayne with “Shawty Say”. The hook is just sampling one of Weezy’s lines from “Lollipop”. To be honest sometimes I think Banner should just stick to making beats instead of trying to rap. He make’s fire beats, but his lyrical abilities aren’t that impressive. But who am I kidding it’s not like you actually have to be good at rapping to be successful in the game today. That being said David Banner is a great guy who actually gives back to his community. He raised and gave a lot of money to the Katrina relief effort. A lot of rappers talked about helping people, but Banner actually did something which is obviously commendable. This is a good song though and you should listen to it.

Finally let’s go over the last three tracks real quick. We got a track from Tip and R. Kelly called “Life Of The Party”. It’s just a good summer jam to have lying around. Plus it’s always good to see R. Kelly doing something besides secretly filming himself peeing on young girls. I still don’t know how he scammed himself out of getting locked up. Supposedly he’s not guilty but I have my doubts. Then we got Killer Mike a monster in the Atlanta underground scene with “10 G’s”. This is a tough Mixtape track that you should listen to. Phil Blount, the boy out of New Haven, just keeps coming through with hot shit so I’m going to continue to toss it up. This has a little bit of an R&B feel to it, but it’s good of pretty good quality considering he’s just doing all this shit independently. Well there it is.

As always be sure to check out the audio section for the rest of the songs that came out today. I’m now accepting music from anyone that wants to send it in. Put the name of the song and artist(s) in the title of the email and any additional info in the body of the email. Just send one or maybe two tracks. It needs to be in an mp3 format and please only send me good stuff. You can send it to Looking forward to hearing what you got.


“Sick”- Skillz

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“Cry”- Rick Ross

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“Shawty Say”- David Banner ft Lil Wayne

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“Life Of The Party”- T.I. ft R. Kelly

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“10 G’s”- Killer Mike

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“My Girl”- Phil Blount ft Cousin’ Jay

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