The Daily Dose

 |  June 27, 2008



What’s good? It’s Friday which automatically puts me in a good mood, so lets get into some music. First off we got a crazy futuristic type joint from A-Track ft Lupe Fiasco with “Me & My Sneakers”. This song is just nuts and I’ve been jamming out to it all day. In a lot of ways I think this type of music is the future of hip-hop. How is it the future of hip-hop it sounds so different you ask? That’s the whole point. Hip-Hop used to be about being unique and different, and now everyone just does the same thing. You have to approach a track like this differently then you typically would, and I get excited when music forces me to do that. That’s what hip-hop is supposed to do, change your perception of things. This track in bonkers though, and you need to listen to it.


Speaking of the same old, same old we got a T-Pain track with Weezy on it called “Can’t Believe”. This has some DJ Ill Will tags on it, but they’re not too obnoxious, and I like DJ Ill Will so I’ll let it slide. This is that mindless and stupid type of music that I secretly like to listen to, even though I give shit to other people for listening to it. You just have to take T-Pain for what he is, a complete gimmicky artist who is extremely commercially viable. This is the type of music that is actually making money right now, so continue to expect it to be forced down our throats. Plus 15 year old girls have to have some music to listen to right? I’m just kidding because I kind of like this song to. Shouts to my boy Sean who loves any sort of T-Pain-Weezy collabo.


Then we got Nas with “Sly Fox”. This track is off the album formally called Nigger, and is now unnamed. This track is just calling out how whack America’s news organizations are, especially Fox news. I couldn’t agree with Nasir more. I don’t even get my news from traditional outlets anymore. That’s what’s great about the internet, it’s allowing us to control the content we want to be exposed to. The thing you have to understand about all these huge media companies that are supposedly our non-biased news sources is that it’s all a business. At the end of the day they are trying to make money, so they are going to report whatever gets them the most money. So they over sensationalize stupid and mindless stories that ultimately have no relevance. I don’t really know where I’m going with that, except you should get all you news from ihiphop, and while you’re at it tell all your friends about ihiphop. Even though I think Nas is a little overrated, I know not to fuck with his fans, so here’s a track for you.


Finally we got Young Buck responding once again to all the G-Unit/50-Cent fuckery. I kind of like the fact that Young Buck is an emotional mess, and completely unpredictable, so I’m rooting for him to come out on top of this one. But since 50 is such a huge presence in the industry I don’t really seeing it happening. Then we got Fat Joe, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, and R. Kelly on the DJ Pharris track “The Money”. I already made fun of R. Kelly for being a toucher yesterday, so I have nothing really to say about this track. The last song of the day is two Chi-Town underground heavyweights with Rhymefest and Mikkey Halsted on “Drifter”. I’m a fan of both these dudes, so I obviously had to throw it up. Have a good weekend.

As always be sure to check out the audio section for the rest of the songs that came out today. I’m now accepting music from anyone that wants to send it in. Put the name of the song and artist(s) in the title of the email and any additional info in the body of the email. Just send one or maybe two tracks. It needs to be in an mp3 format and please only send me good stuff. You can send it to Looking forward to hearing what you got.




“Me & My Sneakers”- A-Track ft Lupe Fiasco

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“Can’t Believe (DJ)”- T-Pain ft Lil Wayne

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“Sly Fox”- Nas

To Preview Track Click Here



“Laugh Now, Cry Later”- Young Buck

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“The Money”- DJ Pharris ft R. Kelly, Fat Joe, Fabolous & Busta Rhymes

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“Drifter”- Rhymefest ft Mikkey Halsted

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