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 |  June 30, 2008

The Game

What’s good? I hope everyone had a good weekend. Monday’s are always packed with new stuff from the weekend so let’s jump into it. First Up we got The Game and half of the industry on “Game’s Pain Remix”. Of all the heavyweights on this song I’m going with my boy Pusha T with the hottest verse on the remix. Plus, I’m not really sure what Queen Latifah is doing on this track, but it sucked so she was disqualified from consideration. Overall, I’m still not a very big fan of this song, but the singles Game comes out with always tend to be my least favorite tracks on his albums. Hopefully he stays consistent with that trend and his album is fire. Game is still one of the few rappers left who makes good albums and not just the occasional good song, so I actually get excited when he is dropping something.

Then we got more from Nas’s untitled album with “Fried Chicken” featuring Busta Rhymes on the track. Obviously this song is supposed to play into the original theme of the album being titled Nigger, before everyone over at Def Jam pussed out and caved in to corporate America. I just liked the fact that an album title got people so riled up about a release. That’s what an album title is supposed to do, stir interest in the material. Whether you agree with it or not, calling you album Nigger is going to get people talking. Now that he changed the name it all seems like a lame marketing scheme instead of a monumental and controversial event in hip-hop. But isn’t that what hip-hop is these days, just a bunch of lame marketing schemes. This track is interesting, and worth a listen.

Up next we got Jacki-O ft B.G. with “Streets”. Surprisingly this is actually my favorite track of the day. Rap music is a lot like real life, in that when a woman is speaking, I tend not to listen. I’m just kidding, but I’ve said before there are very few female rappers who I listen to. I’m not even really saying Jacki-O is someone I regularly listen to, however I like this particular song. Plus B.G. is on the track, and I’m a fan of the dude even though he’s fell off a bit. I think it’s the beat and the hook that I’m feelin.

Finally let’s go over the last three real quick. We got Red Café on a really hot Mixtape track. The thing just goes hard, and it’s always good to keep a couple of the grimy ones on the I-Pod. Mikkey Halsted continues to maintain my interest with “Dear Summer”. I think we can officially say that the dude has some serious spit in him. Then T.I.’s boy from Grand Hustle Alfamega is letting us know what’s good on the Nitti produced “Uuh Huh”. This is just a typical southern type jam.

As always be sure to check out the audio section for the rest of the songs that came out today. I’m now accepting music from anyone that wants to send it in. Put the name of the song and artist(s) in the title of the email and any additional info in the body of the email. Just send one or maybe two tracks. It needs to be in an mp3 format and please only send me good stuff. You can send it to Looking forward to hearing what you got.





“Game’s Pain Remix”- The Game ft Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Young Buck, Keyshia Cole & Queen Latifah

To Preview Track Click Here



“Fried Chicken”- Nas ft Busta Rhymes

To Preview Track Click Here


“Streets”- Jacki-O ft B.G.

To Preview Track Click Here



“On The Block”- Red Café ft Sean Kingston & Ross Fortune

To Preview Track Click Here



“Dear Summer”- Mikkey Halsted

To Preview Track Click Here



“Uuh Huh”- Alfamega ft T.I.

To Preview Track Click Here





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