The Fix: Fashawn

 |  September 17, 2008

Whatup young world? This is Cinematic the newest member of the blog team. I’m gonna start doing this column. I’m calling it The Fix, because if you are like me a quality hip hop song or artist etc. (an extreme rarity these days) is like crack to a crack addict. I know opinions are like assholes but for the most part I believe my taste in music is rather note worthy. I’m probably gonna keep it on the underground side of things (somewhere between a backpack and the trap). I’m also all about breaking new artists so be on the look out for a lot of quality music you might not have heard. I will also sprinkle in the occasional oldschool rarity. If 50 cent is old school for you then you might be able to learn a few things here lol. Anyways the artist I’m featuring today is named Fashawn from Cali. I just started peeping this kids music recently when I saw a video of him in the studio with Evidence. If you haven’t heard of this dude just watch the video below. I feel its a good starter course to what this dude is all about musically.

Bonus joint: Fashawn “Because I’m Black”. Preview it here If you like it you can download it here.