The Game Starring In Belly 2?

 |  August 21, 2007

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      For those of you expecting to see DMX and Nas star in the sequel to Hype William’s move “Belly,”, it’s looking like it’s not going to happen. According to a recent report from ESPN, the film “Belly 2” stars The Game in the lead role and is currently in post-production, which means they’re finished filming. There’s no word of Nas or DMX being in the film.

      In a 2006 report DMX and Nas were said to be reprising their roles with X’s character heading to Africa to hunt down Nas’ character.

       The film is being produced by Verso Entertainment, which is owned by Golden State Warrior Baron Davis. Apparently the film will be released later this year through Lionsgate films. There’s no other information available.

  • southsypher

    wtf…game…No Nas or Dmx….what’s the point of watching

  • edcoo13

    fuck game strippin ass

  • DeadPoo1


  • dopa4

    game that butterflt taTTOO nigga its gonna be wack

  • Johnny07

    Man belly was whack, game gon take this movie to the top fosho.

  • str8rider

    wtf game doing belly 2. hell naw i cant even have a drink watching that clown act, dude ive even got his first c.d.. name dropping mofo. money changed this cat. butterfly lol lmao

  • paypasgirl

    whats belly 2 without…..hol-on, i gota watch that again. game. leadrole. i dont know…..

  • louisiana1

    That’s like trying to make a Dead president 2??? Some shit jus need to be left alone!!!!

  • Jae_rellz

    man dis is fuckin bullshit. ery since I was like 12 when that movie came out I been waitin on a part two. nah dey puttin da game week ass in it?! n what made tha movie was tha life of a New York hustla, I aint tryin to see no low-ridaz and dickie pants in Belly 2!

  • PrdrFynest

    I agree wit Jae…it has to have a New York Hustla theme…no one wants to see some west coast shit…what is it gonna be about?…some corny ass dudes trying to bite New Yorks Swag…Wrong Move LionsGate…