Reports are buzzing that The Game had an altercation at his first cousins funeral last week which ended in blows to the face.

Robert Kirkwood, the brother of the deceased, said that The Game volunteered to pay half ($7,000) of his sisters funeral — but when it came time to pay up Jaceyon Taylor was no where to be found….

The Game showed up at the service and spoke but when it was over Mr. Kirkwood stepped up to the Game. When the issue of money came up….. the brawl started

Mr. Kirkwood filed a police report.


  • rudeboye

    real spit nigga u see a nigga blood or not handle ur B^iz

  • realtalk kid

    why did they change this website. Crackspace was good iHipHop is wack.. I cant find shit on this page.

    Game prbly knocked his ass though