Me and McDonald’s is like oil and water these days. With that said I’d be lying if I didn’t think about making a Ghetto Big Mac when the prolific Internets Celebrities demonstrated its recipe. Their latest evolution of The Ghetto Big Mac made my stomach turn a little when it was finally built. Nevertheless, the flick is still funny and full of gems. For instance, McDonald’s franchises worldwide are getting stingy to the point where some even charge for extra special sauce. But special sauce is still free in New York City. Funny how your wallet can find solace from McDonald’s enigmatic burger gravy in a city notorious for its outrageous cost of living. At any rate, it’s in your best interest to watch this flick regardless of how you feel about improvised McDonald’s cuisine.

Via Bol

  • MooNmaN

    ever since my boy got a mcspit burger i dont fucks with the clown lol but shits still funny