By: Rizoh

      Will there be a Jackson 5 reunion this summer? We can’t bet our money on it. But what we do know for sure is that Michael Jackson is evaluating several proposals, including one that may land him a gig in Las Vegas.

      According to his spokesperson, Raymone K. Bain, “Mr. Jackson is currently reviewing and evaluating each proposal. He does not believe that he is under any time constraint for making his decisions.”

      The eccentric pop star released the statement to debunk rumors that he has been unable to find work in Las Vegas. Bain said that Jackson “did not move to Las Vegas to shop a Vegas show. Mr. Jackson is in Las Vegas because he likes the city and found it a convenient location to record with the artists, songwriters and producers who are working with him in the studio.”

  • Ziplok

    Does this matter. Its like uhhh MJ hasnt had a hit since 1987 Bad. The rest of his songs since have been misses. Hes the King of Pop but his songs have no Buzz or Bang. Unless Ludacris, G-Unit or Eminem works with Mr. Pan there will be no way back into the music rotation. Yes we liked Michael. But not Peter Pan. People like people not cartoon characters.