Madame Chi-Chi herself, the legendary Detroit singer Aretha Franklin topped the Rolling Stone list for the greatest singer of the Rock and Roll era. You can’t deny that voice. The Top Ten greatest singers of all time are listed below. But Aretha is famed for the soul classics like Respect, Natural Woman and Rock Steady and it was tracks such as this that put her on top. She has inspired many of todays female and male vocalists. Just a shame she is so diva like really.

1. Aretha Franklin
2. Ray Charles
3. Elvis Presley
4. Sam Cooke
5. John Lennon
6. Marvin Gaye
7. Bob Dylan
8. Otis Redding
9. Stevie Wonder
10. James Brown

  • WeedSmoker300

    Better have Sam Cooke up and Damn Aretha big as hell now.