I had to leave this drop over here after the long discussion I had with
@iHipHopSam during the Wale show the other night. If you must know, this discussion took place during the Diggy Simmons portion of the event.

Who is the greatest weedcarrier of all time? First off, you must understand what it means to be a weedcarrier. Several years ago the internets developed several memes to describe artists and personalities who might not be the most popular or most famous, but they supported an artist who was very well known. The weedcarrier does more than simply carry the weed for a superstar. They are the ones that take the arrest charge.

The weedcarriers also keep their artist in the right frame of mind. Can you imagine for a second how crazy things might get backstage if an artist has to worry about their performance AND rolling the weed? The weedcarrier is essential to putting the artist whose bags they hold [ll] in a state of showtime focus. Without a trusty weedcarrier the weed owners have to walk around holding their stash by themselves.

So show some effin’ respect to a weedcarrier when you see them in the streets…


Spliff Star
At first, Spliff Star had my vote as the GOAT weedcarrier. I mean, dudes name is Spliff. You know he laces Busta’s sacks too [ll]. That is why they are so energetic when they are in stage. Spliff was nabbed a few years back in the telly with ‘unidentified substances‘. Busta’s room was raided also but it was clean. Spliff is about his business.


Tony Yayo
Some of you may argue that Tony Yayo is not the weedcarrier for G-Unit but the ‘shooter’, sort of like TyTy is to Jay-Z. But you would be wrong, Yayo is definitely holding the weed or whatever else 50 Cent needs to get into character.

How do you think 50 dramatically lost all that weight? Think about it! His right hand man’s name is YAYO for crissakes!


Memphis Bleek
Of all the weedcarriers throughout history Memph Bleek might be the most successful. Who has enjoyed the career he has while releasing almost no memorable work during said career. ‘Do My Ladies’ notwithstanding. What makes Bleek’s job even easier is that Jay-Z isn’t the type dude to mess with illegal drugs at this stage of his career.

Strictly filling prescriptions is how Memphis Bleek might spend an afternoon nowadays. When Jay-Z is out for a night on the town in the city that never sleeps, it is Memphis Bleek who has slipped him that Ambien.


Lil’ Wayne
Give Wayne his due since most weedcarriers rarely move up to owners, but after years of holding bags for Birdman, Juvenile and lord only knows what for B.G., Wayne has emerged as an owner in his own right. Wayne’s weed is so good that it even made a star out of Ca$h Money groupie lover Kat Stacks.

With Wayne on jail doing hard time as an ESPN reporter it will still be a while before he can smoke any of his weed again. Somebody better make sure Drake and Nicky Minaj aren’t rolling too many blunts.


Flavor Flav
For over 25 years Flavor has been the Spectrum City (Public Enemy’s first soundsystem band name) weedcarrier. From Freeport Long Island to around the entire globe there isn’t a country where Flavor hasn’t passed the dutchie. Because the band Public Enemy is essentially a straight edge rap group all the drugs have been under Flavor’s jurisdiction. He has catapulted himself through pop culture as the supreme stoner.

The jokes on you if you think Flavor is smoking weed though. He looks to be on a nifty little acid trip if you asked me.

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  • Nujerooz

    It's a toss-up between Flava Flav, Spliff Star, and the entire Bravehearts team. I say Bravehearts because although they play the back, Nas let you know exactly who they are. Outside of Spliff, I think ALL of the aforementioned fucked around and broke Industry Rule # 4090 – Acknowledge and respect the glass ceiling. If you carry weed, NEVER try to branch out and make your own album.

    Oh, and Tony Yayo is nicer than everybody in G-Unit, so he should consider employing Curtis Jackson as the world's wealthiest weedcarrier.