Why do you roll with Kanye? If you're gonna say something like that on TV you better defend yourself and your statements.

  • Wtf

    Matt Lauer sucks thats real insightful Sam. I appreciate Kanye's honesty and I'll even go as far as saying that he doesnt even need to apologize for saying something that he felt at the time. I just dont understand why Matt Lauer sucks he's asking him some reasonable questions he's not trying to trick Kanye into saying anything controversial he simply asked what would you say to Bush if he was in front in you. What point exactly is it that your rolling with Kanye on??

  • Carlito Bragonti

    Why does Kanye have to say sorry for anything….When white people say nigger nothing happens at all. The say sorry and get their jobs back. Fuck Bush and Fuck Matt Lauer for trying to make Kanye look like an ass