“The Lost Generation” X Staten Island

 |  November 17, 2010

These Media Gasface videos have been pretty dope.  They have been kind of alternating from hip-hop based stories to general urban America type videos.  In this video they explore the high concentration of Liberian immigrants and “The Lost Generation” of child soldiers that now live in America.  I highly recommend that you go here to familiarize your self with the situation in Liberia.  Description and video below.

  • If it wasn’t for Wu-Tang, You would never have heard of Stapleton or Park Hill…But Staten Island, home of 8,000 Liberian immigrants, might have the largest concentration of child soldiers in North America. US citizens used to see these kids on CNN – carrying a Teddy bear in one hand and an AK-47 in the other – during the Liberian civil war. Ten years later, they observe this lost generation out their window. This story has no heroes, only survivors.


105 – Lost Generation from ARTE New York Minute on Vimeo.