By: Rizoh

      Gather round, D-Block fans. Jadakiss recently told Hot 97 FM’s DJ Envy that The Lox’s album will be coming out this summer: “I’m trying to drop The Lox album first, anytime between May and June,” said Kiss.

       As for his own solo disc, Kiss said: “Then I’m trying to come right behind that with a ‘Kiss album, if it goes well. If not, I may have to come first. I’m pushing for The Lox to come first because that project is almost finished.”

       “It’s crazy, son. It’s been like six years since we dropped a Lox album. So it was an experience we were waiting to do again. It’s interesting to see how the songs come out after all these years,” said Jadakiss about the group’s comeback.

       The biggest question on the lips of fans is “What label will the new Lox album be issued on?” Jada’s response? “That’s another interview. It’s almost squared away. The deal should be done by early next week.”

      Fingers crossed.


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  • JAck FRost

    why the fuck they sayin the hottest shit but sellin the least……D BLOck MadFuckazzz