The LupEND is coming

 |  November 3, 2008
















Lupe Fiasco has stated his third and final album will be titled LupEND. Although many fans will be deeply disappointed with his decision, he has added something special for the fans – a 3-disc finale to his short career.  He made the announcement in Chicago at the Congress Theater on Halloween night. Lupe gave titles to the acronym E.N.D;  E – Everywhere, N – Nowhere and D – Down Here.

  • **$Da Blak Ace$**

    man das a dam shame. he gon b like barry sanders, u dnt nvr kno how great he cuda been, cuz if he wuda stayed in tha game for bout half as long as krs-one, he wud b tlked aabout as 1 of tha best ever

  • doggson25

    it will be a shame if he do stop but i dnt think he will he to good to stop now

  • Carlito Bragonti33