The Pretty B*tch In NYC

 |  January 14, 2011

So Lil B has been in the city for the past couple of days for a listening event for his new album Angles Exodusm and a performance last night at Highline Ballroom.  I’m dumbfounded by this dude.  In one sense I think he is a highly entertaining phenomena.  I just don’t know if he will be able to remain relevant.  It’s weird, because I don’t listen to Lil B on my ipod, but I would go to one of his shows (as demonstrated in the below vid).  It tends to go the opposite way in hip-hop.  I have to respect his grind.  He really built all this hype up himself.  Record Companies would drop top dollar for this type of buzz.  All I know is that Lil B informed me what he would do to Miley Cyrus & Paris Hilton in a threesome in out interview so be on the look for that.



Also Combat Jack is the new bawse of The Source, check his review of the show below.

  • I don’t even know how to put into words what took place at the Highline Ballroom. A sold out show filled with fans, Internets, execs and the curious who wanted to see what the buzz was all about. President of Universal Music Group’s Motown Records and executive VP of Universal Records, Sylvia Rhone came out to swag too.The craziest sound system pumping potent bass that punched the crowd dead in the chest, then the gut. Blazing horns, ambient, an uncanny sense of stage presence, hypnotic hooks, a smedium tee-shirt that seem too tight to remove, sermonizing, rapping, poetry, brilliance, ignorance, high art, experimental, trippy, weird, bizarre… there’s probably a hundred more words that can describe Lil B’s New York City show. B channeled everybody from Al Green to a young LL Cool, to Eazy E, to Ellen Degeneres to Prince even. When given a chance to, fans grabbed the mic and offered dude their “bitches”, their sisters, their mothers, one cat offered B his daughter (that shit was skeevy).  A crowd formed in front of the stage, hands reaching out to touch the performer’s hand, him holding theirs back like he was, well Jesus. B shouted out Jay-Z to jump on a track with him. The crowd chanted many things along with the beats, the most interesting of which was “thank you Based God”. Then came the offerings, necklaces, trinkets, baseball fitteds. Things got a lil distracting when someone beamed the Based God in his face with an object resulting in him cutting off the music to ask why anyone would want to hit his “pretty face”. This was a zoo, this was a circus, this was church and this was hella entertaining. I still can’t call what that experience was, but one thing for sure, this was the Cult of B and B’s the new Jonestown Jim Jones. There’s a based movement that has the kids drinking the Kool Aid. And from how Lil B rocked the house, its looking like the kids gonna be drinking for a long time.
  • Man…

    That nigga wack music for NY weenies looking for attention. A NY rapper tryin to sound like Souther rapper. This cat gay.

  • Man…

    Lil mama could beast this wack nigga yo

  • kankakemo

    that shit garbage as hell.

  • Presence54

    this is the new hotness???