The Rap on British Beef

 |  March 16, 2010

Being the Brit that I am I had to bring light to this in the U.S as it’s all everyone’s talking about over there!

We’re so used to Beefs here with U.S Rappers- but most of us here don’t know about the context of Beef in U.K which is just as deep.

Shouts to Ragggs for bringing this to my attention. Wanted to bring it to yours because there’s a lot of words around N-Dubz after being sort heavily by major companies over here and talks of a Def Jam deal. This is quite excellent for UK Rap by virtue of putting it on the map but at the same time- the song that’s got the heat and the attention in the first place has claim with Lethal B that it’s his song. Now we know Lethal B has been around career wise since early 2000’s but N-Dubz really came into the picture strong over last 5 years or so… Anyway- I’m not taking sides by any means though I’ve had some dealings with Lethal in the past and really admire his craft. Mad respect. So here’s the song in question- it used to be called “The Facebook Song” and changed to “I Need You” and Lethal B claims to have sent Tulisa from N-Dubz a hook in hopes she might be featured – that same hook is this N-Dubz hit. Now you tell me! Who’s right- Is the song really stolen?

So I got on the line with Lethal B to see if there was anything to add!  His response. “Karma’s a Bitch”

So tell us what you think! Me- I’m just ready for some Lethal Bizzle in NY! Would love to rock a show with you!