Must be something about that one year and a day in a federal jail for those involved in the Tip gun case as the bodyguard who opted to wear a wire for meetings with TI, born Clifford Harris also got the same sentence as his employer for his part in the gun case. Corey Williams was approached by ATF after attempting to buy a machine gun without registering the weapon for TI back in 2007. Instead of taking the shit he opted to sell his boy down the river and then proceeded to meet up with his employer wearing a wire in order for the authorities to home in and target Tip, already a convicted felon, for gun possession and numerous other charges.
Shame on Tip though, why would you have a dude that has only been on your pay roll for a couple of months handle something like this anyway? Williams joined the Harris workforce in July of 2007. The former bodyguard has already started his sentence.