The Shake Down: Video Emerges Of Kat Stacks Confrontation With Lil Twist’s Aunt And Being Chased By Goon

Written by Mike Stylezz

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 at 4:24 am
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22 If for some reason you don’t who Kat Stacks is click here. Apparently Kat Stacks is really feeling the backlash from running her mouth. This latest episode involves Lil Twist’s aunt and crew confronting her and assaulting her till she confesses to lying about her jump off-capades. This is not the first time, she has been slapped up goons on camera before (click here for that) and just last week pics of her being knocked out by a girl after a club event were released (click here ). This latest video seems to be the most hilarious of them all, especially that part where she is being chased around the car like a chicken.



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