The Swagger on Yarah Bravo

 |  April 5, 2010

Across the ocean come the good girls rarely making history. Well not this girl! Yarah Bravo is all about style, color, passion and heart. Oh and she has the mad talent to back it up. I’ve been hearing about Yarah for a few years now from her wild gigs in Germany and E.Europe. She’s been living in London- She’s just come off a stint in China and soon she’s back in Czech Republic and then Stateside- NY- April 26th- May 5th- Can’t wait!

With over 4 languages under her belt- and also a child of 2 Freedom Fighters Yarah Bravo has no time for sleep and only thinking of living life to the fullest. Endless collaborations under her belt- Yarah is not afraid to push the boundaries. She’s really a DIY chick as she books her own shows, runs her own label, records her own music, throws parties, designs the flyers- Wow talk about a true Renaissance Woman! We could all use a bit of her street smarts and sensibilities.

Yarah’s also part of this amazing festival in the Czech Republic called Hip Hop Kemp and the We Be Girls Fest.



Check out this song- what do you think- we’re offering it here for you! freedom-fighters1

And a hot video somewhere in a basement in East London.

I met Yarah B in Austin last year’s SXSW and Hip Hop Howl Fest! and we instantly vibed. Love her artistry, aesthetic and personality- She’s hot! You’ll be hearing a hell of a lot more! She released the ‘Good Girls Rarely Make History Mixtape’ as a way to give her fans some music since she didn’t have an album- well it sold out in 2 weeks- now she’s currently working on her debut studio project and will be in U.S to record and shoot a video. Hot off a tour in S.Asia Yarah tells me this: “i’ve just come back from touring Asia, went to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau…
The tour was great!! the crowds showed love. the after parties rocked too.. i can’t complain.
I never take for granted the fact that my music and vibe is taking me around the world right now, to new places, new sounds and new flavours. i give thanks”- She also adds “Keep your fro’s tight and Questlove…call me”