For all y’all Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana and Jim Jones fans you are going to be in for a treat (I think we can call it that) when the infamous trio release a new DVD documentary they are working on. Titled The Three Amigos, Jimmy, Weezy and Juelz are showing a little of their personal lives in this DVD which can be quite humorous at times and then there is the real direct remarks as to why Jimmy and Cam no longer speak….wasn’t that cleared up already? Of course wouldn’t be a show without Dame Dash who is also featured alongside other Hip-Hop notables as they are interviewed about the Three Amigos.  Not expecting this to be up for any Golden Globes any time soon but it might be worth taking a peek at just to see how all those egos collide.

  • Loose Da Ceo

    It’s a good look actually three young minority males from the hood who came up and now are making good money and moves, show how they mesh together for all of us to see.