The Throne To Drop Another Album In 2012?

 |  December 9, 2011

Might we see another album from The Throne? Hov said thats certainly possibly. Personally I think it’s what the game needs. Creatively Jay Z & Kanye are on whole nother level. We’ll just have to wait and see. For more, listen to the God MC Jay Hova.

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  • John Williams J-Dub

    they should but it's funny to me that Jay fucks wit Ye after yrs but I guess Ye had to show and prove!! lmao

  • Bruh

    The throne album was cool not great, if they do drop another one though i'd like to see more production from ye, maybe preemo, pete rock and rza, sprinkle some jay dilla and madlib in there, of course some no i.d. make it a real hip hop type album. These guys have killed the mainstream scene already we know that they have conquered that side of the industry, and even though they have already conquered the boom bap style as well, its been a while since I heard Hov like really get it in. Just take it back to basics, I guarantee that shit would be fire. Just my opinion.