The Top 5 MC’s According To MTV

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Monday, October 5th, 2009 at 12:18 pm
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This list is useless.  MTV sucks, but we already know this.  This just furthers my theory that we need to create new institutions in hip-hop.  New records labels, and new media outlets.  We need to Obama this hip-hop scene.  It’s time for change.  Be sure to check out 10-6 here.

I just can’t listen to someone named “Butterman” tell me what’s hot in hip-hop.  Kanye got put on the hottest MC’s list based off an album he just singing on?  I could break down the whackness of this whole list, but I feel like if I spent my time doing that MTV would win.  If you can’t recognize the lacking of legitimacy of this list, than you have significantly larger problems to deal with.

Edit:  Wait Eminem isn’t even on the list even though he had the album to sell the most units in hip hop this year?  I don’t even really like Em, but according to the way MTV determines things, how is he not on this?



#5 Rick Ross

How did Rick Ross make it to the Hottest MC List’s top five in back-to-back years? Because this top-tier word assassin released what seven of Roundtable members consider the preeminent hip-hop release of the year, Deeper Than Rap.

Deeper ceaselessly and seamlessly did its job, entertaining throughout with Ross’ lithe lyrical delivery, which forms a mesmeric marriage with soulfully melodic tracks that play like the score to an Oscar-winning film.

Despite all the controversy surrounding his past as a corrections officer, most of rap’s elite not only kept their embrace of Ross, but they worked with him on mixtapes as well as on his LP. The fans, for the most part, didn’t seem to care either. Deeper Than Rap sold more than 150,000 copies in its first week of release. Although those numbers didn’t quite match the quality of the work, the album did top the Billboard albums chart – a feat all three of Ross’ albums have accomplished.



# 4 Kanye West

Kanye West is a force larger than hip-hop. He’s turned himself into a global megastar, producing and collaborating with the biggest names in the game, influencing art and fashion, discovering and growing new talent, and consistently pushing musical boundaries with his own albums such as 808s & Heartbreak.



#3 Drake

We’ve seen guys turn the street-music hustle into instant ‘hood-icon status and get record deals before, like Young Jeezy (who actually got two deals, one with the group Boyz N Da Hood as well as a solo deal), the Diplomats and of course 50 Cent and G-Unit.

This kid Drake, however, is a different type of beast. Technology allowed his tape to spread wider and faster than CDs, and So Far Gone’s word-of-mouth buzz made it a must-have download. He toured the country on the strength of the mixtape while songs from SFG flew from underground to radio rotation. His collaboration with Trey Songz, “Successful,” hit the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, while “Best I Ever Had” has the heaviest rotation on urban radio this year, according to Mediabase.

Then, after circulating for seven months for free, So Far Gone was revamped and re-released through a major label — and sold nearly 70,000 units in its first week of release last month.



#2 Lil Wayne

Why He’s Hot: 2007′s Hottest MC in the Game, Lil Wayne, has been in the top three of the Hottest MCs list three years running on account of his consistently powerful skills on the mic and perennially enormous impact.

Even without an album release in 2009, Weezy’s rep and influence continued to grow, owing to his status as rap’s most active and lucrative touring act, the rise of his Young Money crew of newcomers, and his armor-piercing punchlines on guest appearances.



#1 Jay-Z

Why He’s Hot: He’s had the most acclaimed career in rap history. But even with all that lore, all that respect, all that prestige and all that money, Jay-Z continues to add luster to his legacy with time-transcending music, multiple successful business ventures and his dominant influence over the game.

MTV News’ Greatest MC of All Time is 2009′s Hottest MC in the Game. Hov isn’t just an elite MC that pushes the culture, the Brooklyn native is the standard-bearer, the leader, a source of inspiration and aspirations – Hov’s the guy we all look to see how far hip-hop can go. And what a ride Shawn Carter has taken us on this year, from Presidential inaugural balls back his Brooklyn ‘hood (where he was accompanied by Oprah Winfrey) ,and he even found time to take us to the world’s most famous arena – Madison Square Garden – for a charity concert featuring historic gathering of musical guests. He also surpassed Elvis Presley to become the solo act with the most #1 albums in Billboard history with 11.

Being authentic with your raps and having credibility is as precious as legal tender in hip-hop. Jay is money in the bank. Lyrically he says what no other truth-speaking MC can; his experiences are that great and unique. No wonder his swagga is never at less than level 10.



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    How ya blocking out NIGGA and Im Black this website is trash

  • the real big meat

    I wish I could smack the shit out of everyone at MTV right now!!! How the fuck did 50 cent make the list But Eminem who sold more records than any rap abulm this year didnt??? And Rick Ross at Number four..Are u fuckin kidding me??? I dont even like Gucci all that much but he and Jeezy a million times hotter than Ross ass right now. I mean my nigga Jeezy Made the Damn Election Athem that had the world going crazy!! And then they had the nerve to mention the song “Forever” as a reason why Wayne is the best…I mean Wayne my boy now..But they didnt hear they way Eminem murded everyone on that damn song!!! And “Beautiful” is a classic!!!

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