The Wire Gets It’s Own Monoploly Game?

 |  October 8, 2010

This is a actually a joke from a UK satire site.   You know how I felt after I found out it was a joke?  The thing is that they need to actually do this in real life.  The Wire is hands down the best television show of all time, and the plotline is easily converted into Monopoly as seen below.  Spotted at The Poke.

  • Monopoly, the iconic board game that for decades has instilled the values of aggressive capitalism into the young, joined forces today with the hit TV show ‘The Wire’.
    “The Wire is all about corners,” says Hasbro spokesperson Jane McDougall, “and the Monopoly board is all about corners. It was a natural fit.”
    Based around the journey a young gangster might take through the fictionalised Baltimore of the show, players move from corner to stoop, past institutions featured in successive series like the school system and the stevedores union, acquiring real estate, money and power before ending up at the waterfront developments and City Hall itself.
    “Where the original game has ‘Community Chest’ and ‘Chance’,” McDougall continues, “we have ‘Re-up’ and ‘The Game’ which reflects the chance element of life on the streets. If you draw a ‘The Game’ card you might for instance get ‘Prop Joe calls a meet – go straight to Collington Square’ or ‘Drive-By! You get shot. Miss a go’ or even ‘Chris and Snoop are looking for you! Hide! Miss 2 goes.'”
    “We hope The Wire Monopoly game will go down well not just with fans of the show, but everyone who secretly wishes to be a poor violent black drug dealer from America.”


  • Wtf

    How is this relevant to music can we ban this dude from ever writing or blogging about anything.