They wouldn’t get far?

 |  January 10, 2007

By: Hot Gossipi Gal
      OK so The Game is shooting the next video from his album The Doctors Advocate, the joint where he disses the video chicks and the endless females that try to catch on to rappers (because they are such a good catch!!!) There may even be some of the video chicks in the video that the Game dissed…hmmmm now that may be a case of hoping for too much, as the joint was a straight diss which pi**ed off the likes of Melyssa Ford.
      However The Games manager Jimmy Rosemond (Henchman) said     "They had two choices: You could either be clowned or we can make this fun where people won’t take it as serious. If you fight against it, it becomes serious, ’cause we could get the look-alikes and clown in fun. But if you participate, it can be more impactful. For instance, [model] Melyssa Ford, we’ll have her in a Honda Accord [in the video], but
then Game will kinda wake up out of that spell and we’ll have her in a 500 Benz. We’ll clean it up for her. It’s all in fun, though." Wow this is going to be a video to check for…will Ms. Ford stop by? I guess if the money is right, she just might.

  • Shi ReMy

    Shit… mZ. Ford better hop on dat if she wants to maintain watz left of her respect and she gon get paid