Things Basic Females Do…

 |  December 17, 2010

I have been noticing something for awhile.  Gucci & Louie Vuitton are kind of played out.  I just think all the heavy logo based patterns have served their purpose.  Specifically when it comes to the handbag swag.  Plus these two particular brands have been completely “hoodified”.  I mean when you see a girl with “love” and “hate” tattooed on her ankles rocking a Gucci bag, the brand just kind of gets Coach status.  This post was inspired by Amber Rose’s corny a$$ scarf while she was spotted out with some notable penis (Amar’e Stoudemire’s this time around).  That design is the worst.  Actually the worst is when they write in pink cursive over the logo based pattern.  How you gunna drop thousands upon thousands of dollars to look trashy?  I don’t get it.  Then again Ed Hardy exists.

I just felt like some of you ladies could use the public service announcement.  When a girl is rocking something like that, they just look like a walking price tag.  It basically tells me as a man, “don’t talk to me unless you have money”, and maybe that is the whole point.  Style is about being original.  Not looking like everyone else.  I’m not against dropping money on a bags.  But if you want to be high brow do it right.  Cop a Goyard bag or even those Bottega Veneta‘s are pretty official.  There is just nothing worse than some girl thinking she is all fancy when she is a complete cornball case.  Step your game up ladies.  #BasicB*tchesAreAmongstUs.

P.S. I know I may not be the most credible person to commentate on fashion, but I’m pretty confident with this stance.


  • Annoying

    First off thats not a vest, its a scarf. And it says Paris in Green on it not pink whatttya blind?

  • CLSKS99

    You could also not bring up these hoes in any article.

  • FU

    There is an identical LV with PINK on it usually. smh

  • pyro_city


  • Dat_gutta_kid

    yo man whats up with crack t.v???

  • Decoyer

    whats is up with CRSACK TV???????????????

  • Mulaneese

    sam is just mad he cant bag him an amber

  • Philamer