|  January 22, 2009


Last night Lil Wayne should have been putting a smile on all those faces he made frown when he twice missed a show in Rochester, Upstate New York. But guess what? He went and messed it up again, canceling the show. The reason for the missed show tonight is logistics…yep logistics. With a concert prepped for tonight in Canada, the rapper and his crew didn’t think it would be possible to get him and the band from one venue to the other. Hmmm yeah ok. However this aversion Weezy seems to have to Rochester may now be to do with some so-called beef with a couple of cats from up that way that he is rumored to have. I thought that was just BS but now after canceling the show three times perhaps there is some truth to it after all.
The promoter is giving Weezy and his ‘logistical’ team until tonight to come up with a solution or there will be only two words said…LAW SUIT.