Rick Ross got the game f*cked up. Instead of making songs claiming to be drug king pins who were all brought down in their prime. Ross should of been claiming to be Ms. Ola Mae, a 81 year old crack dealing grandmother.

Ms. Ola Mae stood tall when reporters questioned her about hustling, she was denying it like a G. Even though she has prior arrest and they found crack in her house.

If that would of been these clown ass young punks that smoke loud pack with their pants off their a$$ listening to a rap song that has the word swag after every other word, they would of snitched on everybody. Just like in first 48 for a cigarette and a sandwich.

“Who? No! I don’t have time for no crack cocaine… Wish I was… Cause then I’d have money… It wasn’t mine! Til they found me I was sitting up in my chair noddin! All I want to do is take my behind and sit it down somewhere… Ola Mae