This show is ingenious.  First get Three 6 Mafia, Pussy from The Sopranos, and a bunch of basic bitches (the highlight being the Eliot Spitzer hooker).  Then give them a space and tell them to try and start a restaurant.  Finally roll cameras.  Pure TV gold.  Then again these reality TV producers may not know what’s really Gucci on the streets.  They might concentrate on the basic b*tches, but hopefully they concentrate on Three 6 regulating on said basic b*tches.

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  • samsucks

    Sam your such a fag for watching this show, only bitches watch corny ass reality TV shows like this

  • iHipHop Sam

    That's the whole ingenious of this show.  It's the same basic bitch formula, but they they are throwing Three 6 Mafia in the mix.  You just don't get it.  #StepItUp

  • POI$.

    How come all I see is Three 6 Mafia knocking shit over…smh.