Those Bad Bad People

 |  July 1, 2008

Amy A couple from the East End of London have been charged with conspiracy to provide an A Class drug to Amy Winehouse. The duo are up in court for being the bad bad people that allegedly supplied drugs to Amy in her on screen debut as a bonafide drug abuser. Amy was not charged…surprise surprise.But in further Amy news, the fan who she lashed out at during her performance on Sat night at Glastonbury has indicated that it really was a case of mistake identity. The reason for Amy getting a bee in her beehive was because someone had grabbed at her breast…hmmm yup what breast we might add as during her performance that night she had a damn hard time trying to keep her dress up due to lack of boobies.And in even further AW news, looks like her lil taste of freedom has prevented her from going back to hospital as expected after her performances this weekend. Friends and family fear the worst and think that her spot in the limelight at Glasto and Mandela’s B’Day bash will have her back on the pipe. She better start looking for a new dealer then.