By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Well dare I say it was only a matter of time. They did say that their reality show ‘Welcome to HollyHood’ keeps it maybe a little too real.  Well one of their crew peed on the lawn of their neighbor which happens to be Jenifer Love Hewitt and folks were not happy, especially as it was caught on camera. Anyhow the neighborhood watch people obviously got a little peed off them selves with Three 6 and told them to go find another HollyHood to reside. Now the Tennessee boys are living large in Bel Air.

  • dreadklove

    luv dem fresh whites on da brothas…smile

  • dollas

    That how Memphis Niggas do

  • mac06

    i’m a memphis chick and personally i’d prefer Yo Gotti that’s just me