T.I. Goes “Beyond The Trail”

 |  May 24, 2011

Below you can check out the trailer to the upcoming T.I. documentary “Beyond The Trail”. Shot by T.I.’s ‘videographer’ Brandon ‘BI’ Robinson, it chronicles the aftermath of T.I.’s getting busted for possession of weapons back in 2008. The (awkwardly written) description on YouTube under the trailer suggests that this documentary is really all out about the BI, and less about the T.I. Take a look:

“the story of the young American film director Brandon “BI” Robinson. After graduating college he moved to Hotlanta to pursue his dreams as a film maker. Two years of hard work and persistence B.I. lands the opportunity to be Atlanta’s “King Of The South” Tip Harris personal videographer/photographer. As the young American director documents the road to redemption of the multi-platinum artist T.I. he also seen a change in his own life.”

T.I. is scheduled to be released from prison in September, but as of yet there is no word as to when the documentary will be released. Spotted at RR.