|  October 30, 2008













When you are as passionate about something as TI is and we are not talking the things we all take for granted, money, cars, members of the opposite sex etc, we are talking about the right to vote. TI who has been extremely involved in the Presidential Campaign has found a way in so that as a convicted felon he has his right to vote. In Georgia law it states quite clearly that a convicted felon is welcome to vote as long as he is not serving probation or a prison sentence.
So even though TI pleaded guilty last year to weapons charges and is going to serve time in prison he is as of right now a felon who is not serving probation or a sentence, therefore quite within his legal rights to vote. Which he did yesterday just in case someone tries to deny him the chance later.
TI has been the face of the Hip-Hop Caucus’s Respect My Vote Bus Tour which has and will hit cities throughout the East and Midwest encouraging the younger demographic to use their vote.